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Supra Forged Two Piece Wheel Forgia (Priced Per Wheel)

Supra Forged Two Piece Wheel Forgia (Priced Per Wheel)

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This Is a Customised Forged Rim. What is a forged Rim? 

A forged wheel is manufactured from a billet, or a large square piece of solid metal. The billet is heated to extreme temperatures and pressurized to take its shape. This thermal cycle process causes forged wheels to be stronger than cast wheels due to grain refinement. The wheel is ultra light weight. there are 3 types of forged wheels. Forged monoblock wheels are known for their super light weight and strength. 

Monoblock Rim being one solid piece , 2 piece and 3 piece to get more innovative designs with dishes.

Two Piece Forged Wheel is a forged wheel made in 2 separate pieces, which allow the it to be more dynamic, creating a deeper concave or a deeper lip/dish 

Three Piece Forged Wheel creates further dimension to the wheel using 3 pieces. 

What do we mean by customized? 

Once you choose a design we can either build the wheel to OEM specs, meaning it is a factory fit or we could adjust the off set to make the wheel either sit further in or further out, depending on the look you want. The colour of rim is also customisable from 1 to 3 colours. Size is also your choice and we will assist you in guaranteeing the correct fit. Lastly, we can do any PCD in a forged wheel. Meaning if you have a wheel of choice that we do not offer on our site, we can customize the wheel to your specifications and make it a perfect fit for your car. 

In summary this wheel is available in any color combo, any size , any width, any PCD, any number of wholes ( nuts) and in an adjusted off set if you prefer or OEM offset.

Note we do not keep stock on hand, as all wheels are made to custom.

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